Your Guide to a Successful Comms Strategy in France

Despite their communal borders and shared identity, each country in Europe is shaped by its unique characteristics and defined by local influencers. France is no different. As one of the world’s top ten most innovative nations, characterised by a strong, futureproofed industrial and tech infrastructure, France offers a prosperous market to build your business.

If you’re launching your brand in France, or just want to get the inside track on what the future might hold for your business in L'Hexagone, our Dossier will help you:

  • Understand the crucial trends shaping the French tech scene
  • Dig deep into cyber security and the digitisation of public services as influences on the French market
  • Get to grips with the transforming rich media landscape
  • Learn about everything from Foucault to the Eiffel Tower in the world’s most popular tourist destination

This French dossier is the fifth in a series of in-depth reports on key markets across Europe. Make sure to also download our Italy DossierNetherlands DossierGerman Dossier & UK Dossier